amityville boyI love horror movies. Don’t mind admitting it. And maybe because of that, I love Halloween. There’s no other mix of Hollywood and holidays quite like Halloween.

And I’m far from alone. So it’s in honor of everyone’s favorite Spookfest that I pen this analysis of one of America’s most beloved scary tales: The Amityville Horror. Regardless of whether you think it’s a true story or a hoax there’s no arguing with one lone fact: it was inspired by a bizarre and grisly family murder in the house that everyone would ultimately regard as haunted to the max. After the grisly family murder, the house went on the market for a song (one perhaps ought not to trust a fire sale when it comes to things like houses) and was bought by the Lutzes, who fled in terror not even one month later, abandoning every possession they owned inside that house, never to return to it or those possessions again.

I’m not going to address the question of whether the house is haunted or not, or at least I will not address it in any real detail. And I’m not going to discuss the nativity of the man who started it all, murderer Ron Defeo (who’s still in prison in NY, I might add). We will examine just one chart — a mundane chart. We just want to see what energies were at hand on the night Defeo slew his fam — launching a grotesque and very popular franchise in the process. Continue Reading

20130204_121056In the vast pantheon of deities, entities and spirits, we do not hear much if anything about the great Pantomorphos. Its name means “all forms” and we can get a sense of it from the zodiac.

How do we derive it? How do we understand what it is? How can it benefit us?

First, we must acknowledge that all astrology is really nothing more than worship of the circle. The circle is infinity. It is forever. The comparison of its diameter with its circumference produces sacred irrationality in the form of pi. But such infinity is next-to-useless to us, because we live in the domain of Time. Hence, we need a starting point.

The Ascendant is that starting point. It is the point on the circle that designates the beginning and end, and it renders the infinite finite. The Hellenistic astrologers of the ancient Mediterranean referred to the Ascendant as the horoskopos, what we know today as the horoscope. So when you say the word “horoscope,” you’re really referring to the Ascendant, that one special point that’s not a planet yet is just as important if not more so than any planet. Arguably, it’s among the most important points in the chart. It’s the one thing that represents you personally. The Sun does not represent you unless it aspects that Ascendant. Contrary to what the modern, psychologically-oriented astrologers would have you understand, the Sun in anyone’s nativity does not automatically represent everything about that native. Nothing represents that native in his exterior life unless it aspects the Ascendant, the horoskopos, the Watcher of the Hour. Continue Reading

image descriptionGreetings, everyone! I have taken a summer sabbatical but am now back in full force, with my cat Isis perched and purring cozily in my lap and my word processor heated up and ready to rumble. Today’s topic is Major Arcanum number 4 — the Emperor. If you’ve been following this series on the Major Arcana you will doubtless notice that I diverge radically in my associations of the zodiacal elements of this or that card. The Emperor is no different. Most Tarot readers — if they bother blending astrology into their Tarot practice at all — associate The Emperor with the sign of Aries.

I associate him instead with the other Mars-ruled sign: Scorpio.

It bears pondering just how Scorpio and Aries are different. They are both, after all, ruled by Mars. Aries is easy to understand. It is no hardship to associate Mars — fiery, hot, dry Mars — with fiery, hot, dry Aries. They enjoy a congruence that is instantly recognizable. Which makes sense! The sign is an extension of its planetary ruler, after all, and vice versa.

But how does Scorpio fit in? Scorpio is cold; Mars hot. Scorpio is wet; Mars dry. Continue Reading

elliot rodger destructionElliot Roger was an extremely vain and self-centered young man. When his prettiness lacked an outlet, he rampaged. Why would this slender Grinch be so offended at the sight of happy people? What features in his birth chart are similar to other mass murderers? What was it about the “cosmic weather” of late May that lifted Elliot up from the crowd and encouraged his slaughter? According to the shooter’s autobiography, the attack had been postponed at least twice due to various factors. Could there be an astrological reason for his postponements?

Also, we begin the long, complicated process of rectifying this miscreant’s birth chart, which lacks a known birth time. Chart rectification is the science of retro-engineering a birth time from known events in a person’s life. On tonight’s show, in addition to analyzing the planetary and sign symbols, we speculate about house placement by attempting to narrow down Rodger’s Ascendant using astrological physiognomy.

All charts can be located in the appropriate photo album on the Metaphysical Media Group fanpage.

image descriptionBalance. Marriage. Gestation. Fertility. Sensuality, opulence, a love of luxury — these are all typical and appropriate interpretations for the third Major Arcanum. We see her in a spread and we sense a bright spot, an area of light and happiness. Usually we’re right to do so. Most of us know her as the Empress, and she is Mother. She creates the earth and installs a king to rule over it.

But there’s a problem with Her Highness, a problem inherent in the occult science behind this card, a problem that many of us are unaware of. In many cases we interpret this card poorly or even wrongly.

The problem is Venus. Most people err in interpreting this card because they emphasize Venus’s (and the Empress’s) earthy, sensual qualities. Her Taurean qualities, in other words. But the eminent scholar, translator and astrologer Robert Hand does not “consider Venus the best ruler for Taurus….It is time to change our views.” (Horoscope Symbols, p. 214). Continue Reading